17 ways technology could change the world by 2025. Potential rural digital game chargers?

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Source: World Economic Forum

This article developed by the World Economic Forum outlines 17 ways technology can change the way we know the world, so acting as digital game changer. To what extent rural areas can seize the opportunities these developments offer?

These digital game changers are:

  1. AI-optimized manufacturing
  2. A far-reaching energy transformation
  3. A new era of computing
  4. Healthcare paradigm shift to prevention through diet
  5. 5G will enhance the global economy and save lives
  6. A new normal in managing cancer
  7. Robotic retail
  8. A blurring of physical and virtual spaces
  9. Putting individuals – not institutions – at the heart of healthcare
  10. The future of construction has already begun
  11. Gigaton-scale CO2 removal will help to reverse climate change
  12. A new era in medicine
  13. Closing the wealth gap
  14. A clean energy revolution supported by digital twins
  15. Understanding the microscopic secrets hidden on surfaces
  16. Machine learning and AI expedite decarbonization in carbon-heavy industries
  17. Privacy is pervasive – and prioritized

For more information, read the article here.