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Open call for initiatives to respond to Covid-19 in the agri-food economy through digital innovation

Source: SmartAgriHub H2020 project

The SmartAgriHub H2020 project has recently launched an Open Call for proposals has as a key objective to expand the existing SmartAgriHubs community network with additional stakeholders and  support digital innovation responses to the consequences of Covid-19 in the agri-food sector. 

Can digital innovation help mitigate the consequences of COVID-19?.

Facilitated by an Open Call, SmartAgriHubs will complement and connect existing and upcoming programmes that are supporting innovation and funding stakeholders (i.e. from both public and private sources) in the agri-food community. Subsequently, these activities shall generate a critical mass of digital innovation experiments, where stakeholders share experiences gained and build an international community of regional hubs (DIHs) and knowledge transfer centres (CCs) that will result in a sustainable European network also helping to close the gap between research, innovation and business development.

In accordance to the current COVID-19 related situation and the importance of the food system’s resilience, it is foreseen to use a maximum of 900,000€ funding for two individual open calls as an immediate RESPOND to the crisis. This shall be followed later by the RESTART and EXPAND open calls that will address the agri-food economy on the medium term. SmartAgriHubs will assign up to 5,000,000€ funding to the RESTART and EXPAND open calls, addressing Digital Innovation Hubs that are supporting diverse stakeholders in the agri-food economy and specifically SMEs as drivers for digital innovation.

Follow this interesting project to get to know all the initiatives supported!