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About EPRI

The European Platform for Rural Innovation (EPRI) is an open and independent virtual innovation hub to boost bottom up rural development and community-led innovation in rural areas from across the EU. Through a network of collaborators composed both by rural development and innovation experts and organisations, EPRI intends to the knowledge hub for information on rural innovation in fields such as rural smart villages, digital innovation, rural and bio-economy, basic services, governance and support the development and implementation of EU innovation projects and research. 

EPRI Services

Stakeholder Engagement

Project Support


EPRI holds expertise to design stakeholder engagment processes for the co-creation and co-design to support community-led innovation in rural areas.

EPRI supports the development and implementation of EU projects and research related to rural innovation in a broad variety of fields such as rural development, Smart Villages, Bio-economy.

EPRI communicates information related to rural innovation through its network of collaborators to inspire rural communities.