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Empowering Rural Communities: Horizon Projects for Smart Rural Development

A number of Horizon projects are underway in rural areas of Europe with the goal of fostering resilience and innovation. Each has its own focus and approach to empowering local communities. Among these projects are SMART ERA, FUTURAL, and RURACTIVE, each targeting pressing socio-economic and environmental challenges while promoting community-led change.

SMART ERA: Led by FBK from Italy, SMART ERA aims to enhance resilience in rural areas by co-designing, co-developing, and co-validating Smart Innovation Packages (SIPs) with local communities. These packages will address various challenges faced by rural areas, encouraging community-led solutions.

FUTURAL: FUTURAL is a Horizon Europe project spanning from 2023 to 2027, dedicated to delivering customized smart solutions tailored to rural communities’ specific needs. With a focus on social, technological, and business innovations, FUTURAL aims to empower rural communities to actively participate in and drive positive change. The collaboration involves 21 partners from ten EU countries, reinforcing a multi-actor approach across various sectors.

RURACTIVE: RURACTIVE seeks to empower rural communities to act for change by developing smart, community-led solutions within local Multi-Actor Rural Innovation Ecosystems (RIEs). With pilot areas in 12 locations across EU countries, Associated Countries, and Switzerland, RURACTIVE addresses integrated Rural Development Drivers such as mobility, energy transition, agri-food, culture, health, and tourism. By providing training, capacity building, and knowledge transfer, RURACTIVE aims to enhance rural communities’ capacities and skills, promoting inclusive decision-making processes.

These projects offer opportunities for rural communities to engage and contribute to positive transformation. For those interested in learning more or getting involved, visit the respective project websites: FUTURAL, SMART ERA, and RURACTIVE. Explore how these initiatives are shaping the future of rural development and discover ways to support and participate in community-led change.

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