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rural vision

EU’s Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas: Key Achievements and Ways Forward

The European Commission’s report on the long-term vision for EU’s rural areas, adopted on March 27, 2024, provides insights into the progress made and outlines ways forward. Key points include:

New Indicators and Data: The report introduces new indicators and data related to rural areas.
30 Months of Implementation: It reflects on 30 months of implementing the rural vision, including stocktaking of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and cohesion policy contributions.
EU Rural Action Plan: The report suggests possible ways forward for the EU rural action plan and rural pact, with opportunities for debate after the 2024 European elections.
The vision aims to create stronger, connected, resilient, and prosperous rural communities by leveraging green and digital transitions.

Feel free to explore the full report for more detailed information! 😊🌾🏡